Developed Resources

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ldmt-muri bitbucket repository code + data 
ldmt-muri github repository code 
online Malagasy->English translation system demo 
Global Voices Malagasy-English corpus parallel corpus 
TurboTagger & TurboParser for Kinyarwanda models 
TurboTagger & TurboParser for Malagasy models 
LDMT MURI Data Repository data (login required) 
Type Supervised POS Tagging software 
Universal Tagset Mapping code + data 
Selective Sharing Transfer Parser code 
Semantic graph processing website 
Kinyarwanda morphological analyzer code + data 
fast_align code 
Low Resource Part-of-Speech Tagging software, data, models (public) 
Low-Resource Part-of-Speech Tagging software, data, models (login required) 
GFL syntax tools code 
AMR Parser/Generator code 
AMR data and tools code + data 
MonoGiza code 
English to AMR code 
AMR to English code 
Multi-lingual Dependency Parsing code 
Sparse encoding vectors code 
TreeTransductionTools for cdec code 
Adjective supersenses data 
Adjective supersense classifier code 
Highly re-entrant semantic graph corpus data 
Swahili FST morphological transducer code + data 
Morphogen code 
fast_umorph code 
morpho LM code 
POS tagging for low resource languages code + data 
Definiteness annotations for English data 
Joint segmenter/tagger/parser code 
Hierarchical tensor cross-lingual parser code 
RBGParser software 
Tensor-based SRL parser code 
Metaphor classifier code 
Pronunciation dictionaries for low resource languages data 
QVEC: word vector evaluation code + data 
Showing 40 items